Covid Healthcare Centre at Aram Hospitals

As Covid 19 cases soar past thousands everyday, the community struggles to keep up with the exponentially increasing demand for proper coronavirus treatment. To meet this requirement, we at Aram Hospital have risen to the occasion and established a high quality Covid Healthcare Centre.

Located in Ramalinga Nagar, Trichy, Tamil Nadu, at an approximately 10km drive from the Airport, our facility aims to help Covid 19 infected patients. Through this facility we :

  • provide the required aid in a person’s most desperate times of need
  • aim to bring back hope and strive to give life to those affected
  • use strong  work ethic and spirit to give the community a fighting chance against this pandemic.

Our quality services and facilities include:

  • 24 Beds out of which 17 are oxygen beds and 7 are normal beds
  • 24 Hour Oxygen supply and Ventilation
  • Trained nurses monitoring oxygen supply round the clock
  • An expert team of leading cardiologists, physicians and psychiatrists
  • Government approved specialized treatment of coronavirus
  • Personal and professional care by experienced staff
  • Globally approved, up-to-date medical practices
  • Strict infection control and prevention policies

What is coronavirus?

Covid 19 is a disease caused by a novel coronavirus, first discovered in 2019.  Coronaviruses are infectious viruses commonly found in animals, humans and birds in particular. 

Named for their crown shaped features, coronaviruses are known to form respiratory illnesses in humans. These may range from mild colds to serious infections such as SARS and Covid 19. Covid 19 has proven to be potentially fatal.

Covid 19 usually spreads through contact with infected people. Infection happens when hands that contact the virus touch the mouse, nose or eyes. The virus then moves through the respiratory tract, causing inflammation and blood clots, leading to difficulty in breathing. 

What are the Symptoms of Covid 19? When should I consult a doctor?

It is advised to consult a doctor if you show any of the common symptoms. If you have any of the serious symptoms, kindly visit the Covid Healthcare Centre.

Most common symptoms include: Fever, headache, cough, difficulty in breathing and tiredness.

Less common symptoms include: Aches, pain, diarrhea and dripping nose.

Serious symptoms include: Chest pain, loss of speech and shortness of breath.

Treatments for Covid 19

People with Mild symptoms or Asymptomatic individuals are required to isolate themselves in rooms with proper ventilation. Most simple cases recover within a couple of weeks and after two negative tests within a day.

Most serious cases usually recover as well. Medication involved at Corona Healthcare Centres include:

Drugs like Dexamethasone, Remdesivir, Baricitinib and Blood thinners.

Monoclonal Antibodies – These are man-made antibodies cloned from those made by our own immune system. They have been authorized for emergency use.

Convalescent Plasma – This is plasma taken from immune patients. It helps people without the disease from developing it.

The best preventive method to avoid coronavirus infection is by getting vaccinated. Studies have shown vaccination largely reduces the chances of infection. The authorities advise those already infected to wait for 90 days after being tested negative, before getting vaccinated.

Contact details

For emergency, 

Contact: 91 90470 97772, 91 89732 49263

21, 4th cross, Ramalinga Nagar,
South Extension, Vayalur Road,


Reach us via Email:

We look forward to helping you. If your life has been unsettled by the pandemic, our services will help you get back on track.