Substance Misuse

Alcohol addiction has been becoming a major problem which not only affects the individuals but also the family and the society. People with alcohol dependence get preoccupied with alcohol and give priority to alcohol drinking over other important things in their life. They tend to loose interest in the job, health and family and thereby the social functioning gets deteriorated. Alcohol damages all the part of the body in general and causes damages to organs like Brain, Heart, Gastro-intestinal track, pancreas , and Liver in particular. Over the time people tend to get physical and psychological dependence which can only be corrected with medical and psychological help.

alcohol-addiction-AramhospitalIn ARAM hospital, we approach Alcohol dependence syndrome as psychiatric illness. We give counselling and alcohol detox treatment for alcohol dependence syndrome. We offer short inpatient admission for the detox followed by outpatient follow up for relapse prevention work. We have doctors, social workers and nurses with umpteen number of years of experience in Alcohol de-addiction treatment. We do community awareness program about the problems due to alcohol misuse and break the myth on alcohol problem. We encourage people in the community to seek help for the alcohol treatment in order to give up the alcohol safely and confidently. Once the individual has given up alcohol, we follow up (review) the clients in the out patient clinic regularly to work on relapse prevention strategies, problem solving, coping strategies, building self esteem and self confidence, and living fulfilled life without having to turn on to alcohol.

Cigarette contains a highly addictive substance called Nicotine. Smokers smoke on an average about 20 cigarettes a day. The smokers tend to get preoccupied with smoking and they give priority to cigarette over other things in life. Smoking cigarette can cause cancer, cardiac diseases and lung diseases. People believe that giving up smoking is not an easy thing to do. At ARAM hospital, we help people to give up smoking through counselling and medical treatment easily and we have named the treatment strategy as an easy way to stop smoking.