4 Ways to help depressed people!

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Depression can be tough to handle. If you’ve been around depressed people, you would probably have noticed these things.

  • They might seem sad or feeling unhappy.
  • They might lack energy or feel that way.
  • They might have Trouble sleeping.
  • They might feel suicidal.

If you’re wondering how to help them, we’ve provided 4 ways to help them in this article!

Saying appropriate things to them

It is important to tell these people good things, that will encourage them and motivate them to come out this disease.

Some words of goodwill include,

  • Saying they’ll get better soon. This gives them hope that their lives will improve, that this disorder isn’t the end of the road and that there’s still hope.
  • Saying you’re there for them. This makes them feel they aren’t alone in this struggle. Support Systems and words of solidarity can move mountains in their fight against depression.
  • Saying they’re capable of great things. This motivates them to try their hands at new ventures, and makes them believe in themselves, so they can fight for a better life than this disease makes it seem.

Showing your support.

As mentioned above, support can go a long way in the healing process of someone with depression. This provides them a cushion against fear, motivating them to achieve bigger things than they thought possible for them.

Meaningful ways of showing support include,

  • Paying attention to them. It creates the feeling that their issues matter and are being listened to. This makes them feel better, and that they’re not alone.
  • Acknowledging their struggle. Again, another way to help them come out of their disease. It validates that their sufferings are real, that you appreciate their efforts and that their doing the right thing if they’re fighting the disease.
  • Having deep conversations with them. An excellent way to validate their feelings, letting them know you’re there,that you want to understand the cause of their pain and possibly even discover the hidden reasons or problems in their mind.

Engaging in leisure activities.

Humans are extremely social animals, and while some are less or more social than other, depressed people tend to be a little shy or averse to socializing.

It is a good idea to try to engage them in leisurely activities. These activities cna boost their happy hormones significantly, making them come out of depression and lead happier lives.

This might include,

  • Playing a game of cards. It teaches them that winning and losing is commonplace in human life. It also helps them become better sports.
  • Watching a movie together, especially ones with happy or comic themes. It’ll boost their happiness significantly, teaching them to enjoy social events, relate with film characters and Identify with their lifestyle better.
  • Reading books. This makes them more literate, and helps solve problems internals to understanding and relativity.

Encouraging new ventures.

Helping people who are depressed to enter new ventures can build their skills and happiness levels. It’ll allow them to prove themselves, improve self esteem and maybe even find their passion or meaning in life.

Myriad ways to do this include

  • Learning new skills. This builds confidence and eliminates fear. They’ll improve their self worth and possibly build a great career.
  • Mastering new languages.This gives them better self esteem, makes them better at communicating their feelings, and increase their literary knowledge and vocabulary.
  • Simply trying things that could have once scared them. This will help them a lot by eliminating old Fears and creating fresh hope.


Depresses people are not much different in essence from the average person. Therefore, making them open up about their issues will certainly help making them happy ns normal once again. Therefore, the above methods can prove helpful in helping them on their road to recovery.

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