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Stress is caused by many reasons such as financial problem, family problem, change of house, change of job, debt problem, problem at work. Similarly, nowadays school and college students are under increasing stress due to exams. The most important cause of exam stress is not eating properly during the exam, not getting enough sleep, and preparing yourself at the last minute in an urgent situation.

Thus last minute exam preparation can lead to increased anxiety, confusion, agitation or mental struggle, feeling unable to concentrate on anything, feeling alert, easily irritated or angry, feeling unable to keep calm, feeling lonely, tired, eating too much or too little. , symptoms such as excessive sleepiness or insomnia occur.

Also comparing oneself with other students, overthinking about the questions asked in the exam, comparing oneself with other students, will get a good score in the exam? All such things lead to an increase in negative thoughts.

Also physical symptoms such as headache, chest pain, diarrhea (Diarrhoea) or constipation, (Nausea), dizziness (Dizziness), increased heart rate, muscle stiffness etc. will occur.

In order to avoid such physical and mental problems, one should avoid preparing for the exam in a hurry, schedule and prepare oneself before the exam, practice the habit of reading daily, eat healthy foods, do yoga, physical exercise, walking practice, favorite sports etc. ,

Avoid spending too much time talking on your hands and spending too much time on social networking sites and spend time with family members and friends in a healthy way. Practicing the above activities in daily life can avoid stress during the exam.

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