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Ms.Akila, Psychiatric Social Worker from Aram Psychiatry Hospital delivered a speech on Mental Health Awareness for the rural household people, Navalurkuttapattu, Trichy. During the program, how people perceive mental illness in general, myths about the mental illness, how to overcome stigma on mental illness and the essence of treatment and counselling for the people with mental illness, have been covered in this program.

People always perceive mental illness associated with black magic and they believe that a temple is the right choice for getting treated with the aid of ashes and mantras. Even if we live in the 21st century , people have stereotyped about the mental illness as dangerous and still believe that people with mental illness have been possessed and tortured by beating with sticks or putting ashes on their forehead instead of taking proper psychiatric treatment. If a person with mental illness has been affected by psychosis (Hallucination or Delusion), he should get treated at a psychiatric Hospital , not in any temples or mosques or churches. Psychosis cannot be gone without proper medications and counselling.

Many educated people hesitate to even step into Psychiatry Hospital due to lack of awareness of mental health treatment. Many hesitate to step into Psychiatry Hospital on seeing the name board of any psychiatry hospitals. These all are showing people’s hesitance towards psychiatry treatment and medications. The most frequently asked question about psychiatry medications is, whether the medications keep us sleepy or drowsy all the time or can we become addicted to medicines. Due to these dilemmas in their mind, many people with mental illness go untreated. As a result of which, suicide rates are increasing day by day. Suicide is a leading cause of death among people due to mental illness.

People with psychosis experience hearing voices, seeing things, sensing a bad odour which cannot be seen or heard or sensed by others. They might have delusions or unshakable beliefs which are not real in a lifetime. For Example- a person with delusion might think that others are being conspired against them, their spouses are not loyal to them, others are indirectly talking about them. A person with delusion is always in the world of paranoia, believing that others are always against them. These kinds of diagnosis should be treated with proper anti-psychotic medications and regular follow ups.

People with Bipolar disorder experience frequent low-high moods, grandiose ideas, being aggressive, over familiarity and instability in spending, sex and substance use. People with Bipolar may also experience psychotic symptoms. They need to be treated at the right time to avoid further risks.

Depression is the most leading disorder in the world among other mental disorders. A person with depression might experience constantly worrying, crying spells, loss of interest in routine works, abnormal appetite, social isolation and severe suicidal thoughts. If any of your friends or relatives experience these kinds of symptoms, help them with the proper psychiatric treatment.

Not all the anxiety is to be treated. Everyone in their life experiences anxious events or situations. A person with anxiety might experience palpitations, increased heart rates, chillness in the body, prickling sensation, chest pain, lack of concentration, preoccupied thoughts and absent mindedness. Some may feel anxious about the enclosed spaces, or feel hesitant to go out or talk with people, or some may feel anxious about health, noticing all the mild physical symptoms associated with Cancer or cardiac issues. When it is struck with the routine or working life, that should be treated with anti-anxiety medicines along with effective counselling and CBT Techniques.

Everyone must prioritize mental health the same as how we prioritize physical health. Nobody is considered healthy without these two. Talking out without any stereotypes on mental health is much more essential and that helps a lot more people with mental illness to get treated at the right time and to avoid suicidal risks due to mental illness.

We are promoting mental health awareness and conducting mental illness camps for the better understanding of mental disorders. If your friends or relatives experience any of the above symptoms, try to get the best psychiatric treatment from Aram Psychiatry Hospital, one of the best psychiatry hospitals in Trichy near you.

Ms. Akila , Psychiatric Social Worker from Aram Psychiatry Hospital

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