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Generalized Anxiety disorder is one of the anxiety disorders that occurs to people who are experiencing chronic environmental stress. It’s normal to feel anxious or get stressed due to some specific reasons. But  People with Generalized Anxiety Disorder may experience the following symptoms overly ,such as, excessive worries about future, sometimes, worrying for no reasons, not able to make a clear decisions, fear of making wrong decisions,  having preoccupied thoughts, poor concentration, being restless and brooding over something bad would happen. In addition, people who suffer with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, also have nervousness, dizziness, lightheadedness, trembling , palpitations and pain in the rib cages (Epigastric discomfort).

Generalized Anxiety Disorder is more common in women than in men. This is usually expressed with a variety of worries and forebodings. Children with Generalized Anxiety Disorder often experience a need for reassurance and recurrent somatic complaints.

When these disturbances go extreme,  people with generalized anxiety disorder get struck with their day to day activities and work. Getting stressed and anxious is normal , but when regular activities are interrupted and not able to handle stress situations, the sufferers better get treated.

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