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Emotional unstable personality is a mental health condition that affects emotions and behaviour so badly, as a result of which their regular functioning in their life would get disturbed. With Emotional Unstable Personality, they have more intense anger and mood fluctuating, which will lead to impulsive and risky behaviour. For instance: involving in risky driving, binge eating, threatening others or harming others in response to criticism, suicidal threatening, being anxious and they struggle to trust people and lack of self-control. This type of personality disorder may begin either at early adulthood or late adulthood. It has two types namely, impulsive type and borderline type.

Impulsive Type: The people with impulsive type may take risks even without knowing the consequences. Emotional instability may be a predominant characteristic and people with impulsive types will try to threaten and harm people in response to criticism.

Borderline Type: The people with borderline personality have lack of awareness in self -image and aims. They find it difficult in maintaining long lasting relationships and have fear of abandonment. They often have mood fluctuations and chronic feelings of abandonment and emptiness. They are naturally manipulative. They find trouble trusting people. Sometimes, they find difficult in controlling emotions and have suicidal threatens and self harm behavior.

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