National Mental Health awareness

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National Mental Health awareness is celebrated by Aram Hospital in the month of May every year in view to spread the essence of mental health and to break the stigma of how people negatively judge people with mental illness. . The primary aim of National mental health day is to spread awareness on mental health and make people more aware of mental health to help them reach out to the professionals. Many of the patients are not aware that mental health is as important as is physical health for the overall wellbeing of the individual. The fact is that mental illness cannot be detected through any Laboratory tests to and also difficult to identify why  people get mentally affected. Even if we have come a long way from the times, we still lack in getting treated at the right time for the psychiatric issues. So May, all over India celebrates mental health awareness month to reach out in order to help people and to be aware of the essence of mental health. 

Talk about Mental health:

Mental health awareness month is to spread awareness on mental health problems as much as possible. The more you talk about it, the more it becomes normalized. The best way to be rid of this ignorance is only by talking about it. You need not go around places to spread, maybe, a closed one of yours needs your moral and emotional support. When your close ones try to talk about something that makes them mentally uncomfortable and stuck in their routine functions, try to give your time and your ears to listen without any judgments. Maybe that few minutes make big changes into your closed ones.

Break the stigma:

Even though we have transformed a lot more than before in many aspects, we still have a long way to go when mental health comes. Even when people are educated so well, yet they have some hesitations to seek professional help with the thought of what others would think of us. The strong stigma that attaches to mental health should be broken by taking steps toward the ignorance of mental issues and by helping others who are in desperate need.

Change the people’s Attitude and False Belief:

Many people might get scared to get treated if our life would be ruined and dependent once we entered into the psychiatric hospital. This kind of attitude would make the situation worsen and that would make the people suffer more.

Many wrongly believe that the reasons for causing mental problems could be because of black magic. By having these false beliefs, people become more and more ignorant. The sufferer needs proper medications and counselling instead of getting beaten or putting ash on their forehead.

In Conclusion, mental health should be considered meticulously and if something feels unpleasant mentally, you should not hesitate to seek professional needs. In mental problems, the earlier, the better. As to which, get aware of mental health and get help at the right time.

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