Awareness program on Suicide Prevention Methods

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Aram Psychiatric Hospital conducted a special awareness program on suicide prevention methods was conducted for social work students of Kaveri College of Arts and Sciences. Mental health consultant Mr. Manoj participated in this and gave a special speech among the students.

The overall aim of World Suicide Prevention Day is to focus on ways and actions to prevent suicide. It is to create awareness about mental health which is necessary for human being. Each person deals with roles such as a parent, a child, a sibling, a friend or a colleague. In such an environment, everyone should take an effort to change the mind of a fellow person who has suicidal thoughts and make them live. The purpose of this day is to encourage that.

There are some signs that can identify suicidal people and save them from suicide; if words like ‘I’m going to die’, ‘I might be dead’ or ‘I might not have been born’ come from a person, there are more chances of having suicidal thoughts.

Mood changes such as loneliness, not living with family, friends and society, extreme depression, hopelessness, extreme sadness can be seen.

Excessive use of alcohol and drugs, changes in daily eating and sleeping patterns, engaging in risky activities, etc. are some of the symptoms that indicate that a person is having suicidal thoughts.

How to recover from suicidal ideation?

Many people are embarrassed to talk about it to others. Not sharing anything with anyone can increase suicidal ideation. Sometimes even a small problem will push you back into that thought, even if it comes out of it. So it is good to discuss with parents and friends to get out of stress or anxiety and loneliness.

Avoid using drugs and alcohol. Don’t forget that taking such drugs can only help you lose your temper and increase suicidal ideation, not help you get out of it.

Don’t just think of reasons to die, list reasons to live. Once you think about your parents, children and family, suicidal thoughts will not prevail.

Engaging in exercise and spiritual activities, as well as indulging in pleasurable activities of your choice, will give you peace of mind.

Many people are reluctant to go to a psychiatrist and tell them that they are having suicidal thoughts. They don’t want to take medicine for it. But it is better to get rid of hesitation and seek advice. Seeking mental health counseling can help you avoid delusional thoughts. Don’t forget that proper treatment can change the outlook on suicidal ideation when it comes to hopelessness or hatred of life. You should learn to control your mind and try to avoid wrong thoughts.

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