Mistakes vs lessons : What is the difference for a healthy mind?

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Did you make a mistake? It could be anything, from buying the wrong fit clothes to forgetting your business appointments.

It could even be that you forgot to feed your cat or even made a blunder at work.

The point is, we all make mistakes, All of us, irrespective of being of a size or stature, young or old, or even irrespective of status.

Trouble begins when we let things get into our mind. You know, that last point of refuge and save haven everyone deserves to have in the back our their head?

We must also remind ourselves that this place is exactly where we must start understanding that, as the old saying goes, there are no mistakes, just lessons.

We all make mistakes. Small or big, however, one thing is certain : there are lessons to be learned from them.

If we look at mistakes as lessons, and can learn from them, the amount of value they create in life can be irreplaceable.

Here are three examples.

Example 1

Instead of saying, I made the mistake of making a wrong decision, I learned not to take such a decision again.

Say you made the wrong choice of purchasing a particular kind electronic Equipment. It doesn’t do its job well, or doesn’t last long, or consumes too much electricity.

Instead of worrying your head out, thinking that you’ve made ab absolutely rubbish purchase, do this…

Think, that you’ve learned an absolutely great lesson not to do this again.


You’ve learnt not to trust this product. Probably the brand. The next time, you’ll be armed with knowledge, knowing what to buy and what not to when you’re making a similar decision.

Example 2

Instead of saying, ” I made the mistake of trusting someone in my life and heart.”Think, that you just learned a valuable lesson on how to deal with them and similar people the next time.


The moment a person abuses your trust, your mind goes haywire, feeling angry, disappointed or betrayed.

Instead of thinking like this, you can remind yourself you’ve learned a great lesson not to deal with the same or similar persons next time.

Imagine the trust, effort, energy and emotional strength you gain, and not lose, when you’ve learnt not to trust them again.

You’ll be on your guard, both when dealing with thec same person, and when someone else tries to do this.

Example 3

Instead of saying, I walked down the wrong path.

Think, I learned to walk alternative, better path.


Because, not all paths are made the same. Everyone’s journey is different. Everyone has a different path. Sometimes we choose the wrong ones. At others, we journey into the good ones.

The thing is, once you’ve walked a bad route, you’ll know all the dangers of a bad one every time you take one. Those red flags in your mind exist for a reason.


By now, you might have three good examples of seeing mistakes as lessons, and probably you’ll come across many more lessons along the way of life.

Life is an excellent teacher. Experience is an expensive school. While this article in no way recommends making mistakes on purpose,we hope it shows you how to be an excellent student, of an excellent teacher at an expensive school.

In that perspective, doesn’t it feel good that you’ve learnt so many things first-hand?

We certainly hope so. Just a reminder, be happy, be proud, and be aware of what and what not to do from past experiences!

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