Stress Management

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Causes stress

Stress is a common problem that could affect anyone in life time. It is caused by number of factors such as heavy work load, improper sleep, relationship issues, financial problems and general health issues. It can cause number of symptoms like irritability, headache, frustration, lack of energy, and feeling drained and tired. If stress not addressed adequately it can lead to long term mental illnesses like anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses. So learn to manage stress through breathing exercises, work life balances, healthy life style and understanding the nature of stress.

Update on 04.10.2022

Aram Psychiactry Hospital –  Stress Management 

Stress is a common mental illness which can affect all walks of life. Stress causes symptoms like irritability, headache, lack of concentration,lack of energy, lack of motivation, poor memory, low energy levels. It can affect concentration in work and studies. Stress causes long term medical problems like Heart attack, hair loss, stomach issues, weight gain, acid reflux, increased blood pressure, and some cases increases incidence of cancer. People get stress relief through various stress management techniques like stress meditation, relaxations techniques, breathing excercises. Stress can affect mental health in long run and can cause depression and anxiety if left untreated.

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