Rehab Acitivity at Aram Hospital.

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Yoga and Meditation

Our Rehab patients start the day with yoga and meditation. As yoga can reduce stress, provide better breathing and release happy hormones, it is our go to morning activity and therapy.

Relaxation,breathing techniques and mindfulness.

This activity helps the patients focus on the present. As thinking too much of the past or pondering too much on the future can put them off track, we give them mindfulness therapy to think presently, and teach them to relax through breathing techniques.

With a relaxed mind and refreshed body, our team leads them on into the next step of their daily routine.

Indoor Games

Our patients then start playing indoor games. Hosted by our trained staff, they play games like carrom, Chess and ludo.


A game to promote their thinking speed, analytical skills, and focus of mind.This helps them make better decisions, become better at judgement sharpen their mind on a particular task at a time


This is used to promote their cognitive thinking and teach them much about strategy.They learn how to handle real life situations, by thinking twice before making a decision.


This helps them to think logically and promotes sportsmanship. It also sharpensthe mind and boosts cognitive power.


Nothing rejuvenates the mind like stretching it out and exercising

.It increases endorphins, builds strength and improves their cardiovascular health.


Shaking a leg helps our patients forget their worries and invest their interest into positive activity.

Patients can be one dance step away from opening up, socializing and having general good fun at a dance session.

Cleaning Activities

Cleaning one’s surroundings can boost moods, give a feeling of satisfaction and promote responsible thinking and action taking .

So, our patients are introduced to cleaning their surroundings, it thereby increasing their productivity and making the world and society a better place, through our indoor cleaning activities.

Client Centric Approach


Music is instrumental in the way we handle Rehab. In fact, some patients recollect memories,open up with their taste in music and communicate their feelings better.

Garland Making

Our patients are given activities where they make plant based strings into ropes, to make flower garlands.

Each patient takes this as a responsibility, promoting teamwork and reminding that all people are beautiful flowers in the garden called earth.

Exercise & Outdoor Games

We provide games like table tennis and shuttlecock to our patients. Such games help both their mind and body. Both games enable faster thinking, quicker reflexes and a sense of handling victory and defeat the same way, becoming good sports.

We use sports to enrich skills, confidence, self esteem & positive reinforcement an encourage socializing.

Group Activities

Humans have been social animals for as long as humanity and people can remember. When people stop socializing, they lose their touch with the outer world.

We’ve made it our responsibility to help such patients reconnect with their communication skills.

Through our group activities, we engage their best interests, while building their self esteem. This enables them to open up and form a sense of belonging with the community.

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